School Psychologist

What does a School Psychologist do?
Ottawa Township High School’s school psychologist is dedicated to helping students with social and emotional issues that may be interfering with a student’s overall academic and social potential.  Services include crisis intervention, brief-solution focused individual and group counseling, consultation with teachers and administrators, special education evaluations, classroom presentations, student advocacy, and providing families with community resource information.

Counseling Supports
Most counseling referrals made to the school psychologist result in short-term counseling.  For students and families in need of more clinical/specialized therapy or long-term treatment, Ottawa Township High School can provide a list of outside resources and services.  This can be obtained through the school psychologist’s website or by contacting the school social worker or school psychologist directly.  The school psychologist has a caseload of students who have Individualized Education Plans (IEP).  The school psychologist can assist any student experiencing a temporary crisis or who is experiencing issues which are affecting their ability to be successful in school for a time-limited basis.  Referrals can be made by administrators, staff, students, or families by contacting the school social worker and/or school psychologist.

Special Education Evaluations
The school psychologist is involved in the placement of special needs students within the Special Education Program.  The school psychologist and school social worker administer assessments that can include cognitive, academic, and social emotional components.  Referrals are made through the Special Education Department in Room 207.

Crisis Intervention
The school psychologist is a mandated reporter.  If there is suspected abuse or neglect occurring, it is her responsibility to report this to DCFS.  In addition, the school psychologist may conduct a suicide screening on an at risk student and provide appropriate supports to that student.  Ottawa Township High School’s suicide protocol is followed and appropriate steps are taken to ensure student safety.  The school psychologist is also a part of the school wide crisis team and is available to assist students and staff during any school wide crisis.

Additional Supports
 The school psychologist is the 504 Plan Coordinator for the district.  Further information can be obtained by contacting her directly.


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Contact Information
Mrs. Margie Wrublik
School Psychologist
(815) 431-3331
Office is in Room 205