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Biology 1 (Freshman Acad.)
        -This class is designed to help students gain a greater understanding of the content and function of Biological Science.  It is designed as an entry level class with early focus on review, moving to more advance biological science systems later in the year.  This is a 2 semester course and is a "MUST PASS" for most of the students at OTHS (Meaning, if you want a diploma, you need a passing grade!)  
        -This class is designed to maximize content and practice while still leaving time to work through critical thinking, standardized test preparation, and cross-curicular vocabulary and "root terms."
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In class PowerPoint Lectures (These are PDF files that mimic the PowerPoints used for lecture in Biology I)
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Worksheets and simulations:
Ch 9 Cellular Respiration - Online simulation LINK1   <Adobe Flash Required> <May not work on school comps.>
Same thing as simulation, but it is a youtube video of somebody doing the simulation:  

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Adv. Biology (Jr and Sr)
        -This is an advanced class designed to focus on college level curriculum
        -The text for this class room is AP level
        -Students should expect to do significant amounts of reading, note taking, and outside of class work

In class PowerPoint Lectures (These are PDF files that mimic the PowerPoints used for lecture in Biology I)
        <Great place to go to study before your test!!!>


ADV. Bio Remind App:

Semester 1 Root Words:

Semester 1 Root Words List #1
Root Definition         Example(s)
A = Not; Without                (Acoelomate)
An = Not; Without               (Anaerobic)
Bio = Life                      (Biology)
Ab = Off, From, Away    (Aboral)
Ad/Ac = To, Toward              (Adoral; Accelerate)
-logy =Study of                 (Biology)
Root Words List #2
Root Definition                         Example(s)
Arthro- = Jointed                       (Arthropod)
Ambi- / amphi- = Both; either   (Ambidexterity)
Auto- = Self                            (Autopilot)
Ante- = Before                          (Antedate)
Anti- = Against                                 (Antidote)
Lip- / Adip- =Fat                       (Lipid)
Root Words List #3
Root Definition                         Example(s)
Vit- / Viv- = Life                              (Vital; Vitalism; Vitamin; Vivarium)
De- = Down; From; Out           (Dehydrate; Decapitate; Defecate)
–mer = Part                           (Polymer; Monomer; isomer)
Mono- = One, only, single               (Monomer; mononucleosis; monogamy)
Poly- = Many                            (Polymer; polydactyl; polyploidy)
Sacchar- = Sugar                        (Polysaccharide; monosaccharide; Saccharomyces)
Root Words List #4
Root Definition                         Example(s)
Hem- = Blood                            (Hemoglobin; Hemophilia)
Hetero- = Other; different              (Heterotrophic; Heterogeneous)
Cyt- = Cell                             (Cytoplasm; Cytokinesis)
Eu- = True                              (Eukaryote; Euchromatin)
Hyper- = Over, Excessive                (Hypertonic; Hypertension)
Hypo- = Under                           (Hypotonic; Hypotension)
Root Words List #5
Root Definition                         Example(s)
-ton(ic) = Dissolved solute; tension (Hypertonic; Hypotonic)
Homo - = Same                   (Homozygous; Homogenized)
-troph = Nourished                      (Heterotrophic; Autotrophic)
Chlor(o)- = Green                       (Chlorophyll; Chloroform)
Chrom(o)- = Color                       (Chromosome; Chromatin)
Photo- = light                          (Photosynthesis; photograph)
Root Words List #6
Root Definition                         Example(s)
-al = Having the characteristic of      (Caudal; Chromosomal; Hypodermal)
Amyl- = Starch                          (Amyloplast; Amylase; Amyloid)
-ate = The act of (verb)                (Decapitate; Defecate; Agitate)
Cephal- / capit- = Head                 (Decapitate; Cephalic; Cephalopod)
Caud- = Tail                            (Caudal; Caudocephalad; Acaudal)
Bi- / Di- = Two, Double, Both   (Bicycle; Bilateral; Diphosphate)

Root words #7
Root            Definition              Examples
Echin           Spiny                   Echinoderm, Echidna
Ect             Outside         Ectoparasite, Ectoplasm
Entomo  Insect                  Entomology, Entomologist
Epi             Over                    Epidermis, Epinephrine, Epipen          
Eu              True                    Eukaryote, Eukaryote, Eutrophic

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