Mrs. Savitch Bodysculpt

 Bodysculpt - Physical Education

Syllabus: Please click on the link below to see the course syllabus.

Participation is a key part of your grade.  Please click on the link to see the participation rubric in detail.  This will give you a good idea of how your daily particpation grade is calculated.                             

If you are absent from class, use the Make-Up Article Review Form and write an article review to earn your participation points for the day.  Articles should be turned in two days after an absence unless other arrangements have been made with your instructor.

        Yoga Contract

        Yoga Study Guide

                Yoga Flash Cards


Daily Schedule
1st Hour 8:00 - 8:46
Physical Education I

2nd Hour 8:52 - 9:38
Physical Education I

Homeroom 9:44-10:04
Room 709

3rd Hour 10:10-10:56
Prep Period

4th Hour 11:02-11:58
Physical Education II

5th Hour - 12:35-1:21
Bodysculpt P.E.

6th Hour 1:27-2:13
Bodysculpt P.E.

7th Hour 2:19-3:05
Physcal Education I