Ottawa Township High School, through its School Resource Officer program, applied for and was recently selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Traffic Safety and partners, The All State Foundation and Ford Motor Company Fund, to participate in the Operation Teen Safe Driving (OTSD) program for the second straight year.  The statewide safety initiative is designed for teens to educate their peers about driving responsibly in an effort to decrease the number of fatalities and injuries involving teenagers in Illinois.  

P-DAT, Pirates Displaying Awareness Team, is a teen led organization at Ottawa Township High School that has been formed for the program.  P-DAT is not only responsible for raising awareness among teen drivers at OTHS but also among those non-teen drivers who take to our roads in and around our community.  P-DAT hopes to raise awareness on driver and passenger seat belt usage, the dangers of distracted driving, driving under the influence, speeding, and other dangerous driving habits.

During P-DAT's first year in Operation Teen Safe Driving the groups program was ranked #1 among the 15 schools competing in it's region.  P-DAT received additional grant funding to further their program last school year.  This year P-DAT is again competing against 15 other schools in their region for additional grant funding for this school year with hopes of finishing as well as we did last year.  

Check out our photos page or our facebook page to see P-DAT members in action at some of our safe driving events.

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