School Resource Officer Cole Klicker
School Resource Officer Kathleen Passini

A SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER PROGRAM IS: a full-time law enforcement officer in the schools with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe educational environment for students, teachers and staff.  With such a program, the officer represents a superior model of community policing.  A School Resource Officer Program (SRO) represents a specialized approach providing evidence of a community’s desire to ensure that a safe and secure learning environment exists in its schools.

SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS ARE: a valuable resource for their assigned school as well as the school district to which they are assigned.  The SRO’s obtain 40 hours of specialized training to fulfill four basic roles:

  • First and foremost they are Law Enforcement Officers whose primary purpose is to “keep the peace” in their schools so students can learn;
  • Second they are Advisors who provide guidance to students about law enforcement questions;
  • Third they are a Resource to act as a link to support services both inside and outside the school environment;
  • And fourth they are Law-Related Teachers who provide the schools with an additional resource by sharing their expertise in the law-related education classroom.  

Beyond these identified roles and, perhaps most important, SRO’s are Positive Role Models for many students who are not exposed to such role models in today’s society.

THE “PROMISE” OF AN SRO PROGRAM IS: an encouraging strategy to enable communities to address school problems with both prevention and intervention techniques.  Having an SRO on a school campus can prevent problems from happening. When problems do arise, SRO’s can intervene immediately to address what is taking place.  The result is a safer and more secure school for students, teachers and staff.  The entire community benefits as well because learning is more likely to take place in such an environment.

Please feel free to contact us directly or through the attendance office, room #201, for further information or assistance.  Together we can make a difference and make our school safe for everyone.

                                                                  Officer Cole Klicker #48                                                        Officer Kathleen Passini #54          
                                                                (815) 433-1323 Ext. 3400                                                                     (815) 431-3352