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Student Success School Program 2021-22
Mon, Sep 13, 2021 3:02 PM
Ottawa Township High School
Student Success School

OTHS implemented Student Success School to support students by providing increased time in a structured, educationally sound environment under the supervision of certified teachers. Students will have access to computers, printers, internet, and textbooks. Student Success School meets from 3:15 to 5:00 PM on select Wednesdays (dates listed below).  Students are free to leave when they are finished working, but must arrive by 3:15 PM to be admitted. Snacks will be provided at the end of each session.
2021 SSS Dates:
Saturday Success School will be in session on all of the following dates, weather permitting.

First Semester                               
Saturday Success School will be in session on all of the
following dates, weather permitting.

September: 22nd:
October: 6th, 13th, 27th
November: 10th
December: 1st, 8th
Who Can Attend?
Any OTHS student with academic work to complete is eligible to attend SSS. However, limited seats are available. Priority will be given to students earning an "F" in any class required for graduation. Reasons a student might be attending Student Success School can include any of the following:

  • Completing missing assignments
  • Studying for upcoming tests or assessments
  • Retaking assessments they have not mastered
  • Working with a tutor in classes they are struggling to reach mastery
  • Assistance with tasks that require the internet or computers
  • Working ahead for upcoming extended absences (ie. Vacations) or getting caught up after extended absences (ie. Illness)
Registration is required to attend Student Success School. Students may register for one or more sessions. Students who attend are automatically signed up to attend the following session. Please let Mrs. Mikos know if you will not be attending. Students or parents are asked to commit to attendance by 3:30 on the Monday before they would like to attend in order to save their seat.    

Parents/Guardians who would like to register their student may do so by contacting Mrs. Mikos ( or 815-433-1323 ext. 3308). Students who would like to register themselves can contact Mrs. Mikos or ask any of their teachers to refer them.  Teachers are also able to refer students to SSS by reaching out to the student, parent, or Mrs. Mikos.
For updates and more information, please join the SSS Remind by texting @sssMikos to 81010

** A copy of the Student Success School flyer is attached for printing.