Career Information

Career Planning and development is an essential role of the school counselor.  Students will learn about careers and life planning during their 4-years at OTHS.  
Our goal at OTHS is that every student will be able to make appropriate career and educational decisions, do effective problem solving, set goals, make plans, and prepare for their futures.  In addition, this planning will assist students in school to work transition, as well as finding and maintaining employment.  
Many resources are available to our students but are not limited to:  

  • Career Cruising – Classrooms/Internet
  • OTHS Course Curriculum as it relates to the 16 Career Clusters – Course Catalog
  • Educational Planning Worksheet – Course Catalog
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - Counseling office
  • Variety of Career Interest Inventories - Counseling office
  • Development of the 4-year plan (9-12) – Classroom/Counseling office
  • Job Board - Passageway Bulletinboard
  • Career File – Careers with increasing job growth - Guidance
  • Weekly Featured Careers (passageway) - Passageway Bulletinboard
  • Many internet resources – Internet resource guide - Counseling office