Dual Credit Classes for the 2017-2018 School Year

Dual Credit is an opportunity for students to earn IVCC credit while earning OTHS credit toward our diploma.  

First Semester Registration Details

Juniors and seniors currently enrolled in Advanced Speech and Advanced Comoposition are eligible to sign up for IVCC credit.  Applications were passed out on August 15 by their classroom teachers.  The registration form and payment, for first semester classes only, should be turned in to room 203 by August 23.  

Second Semester Registration Details

Coming soon....

Important Dates and Deadlines


Fall 2017
Spring 2018
IVCC detail
July 24
November 28
Textbooks available for rent or purchase
August 2
December 6
Tuition Due (Payment plans must be set up by this date)
August 3
December 7
First drop for non-payments
August 15
January 9
Final day to register for classes by 4:30 pm
August 16
January 10
Classes begin
August 29
January 24
Last day to drop for full tuition
October 9
March 16
November 3
April 6
Final withdrawal date
December 7-12
May 8-14
Book Buyback
Rental textbooks can be returned at any time as long as they are back by the final date of Book Buyback.  (if not returned, student will owe for the full cost of the book)
Purchased textbooks can be sold back within these dates during Book Buyback

                                                                        Find Your K-Number!

Here is the link to the instructions for finding your K#, getting your password, setting up your WebAdvisor account:

You can get to all the technology information by clicking on Student Tech Support from www.ivcc.edu under the IVCC Student column.

IVCC Payment Plan Option

Use the following link to learn details about the payment plan option to pay for dual credit.

Dual Credit Information 2018-2019 School Year

Course Options:
Speech(H)* (sem)—grades 11 and 12
Advanced Chemistry (yr)—grades 11 and 12
Advanced Composition (sem)—grade 12

This school year’s cost is listed, as we don’t have cost yet for next year.
-Advanced Chem-$367.80
-Advanced Comp-$275.85
(textbook purchase required for Adv Comp only:  cost this year was $73.75 new/ $55 used/ $48 used rental)

Placement test required:
Math Placement Test
                Needed for Advanced Chem
                Math ACT of 22
                Math SAT of 560
        English/Reading Placement Tests
                Needed for Advanced Comp
                Reading ACT of 21 AND English ACT of 21 or
                SAT Reading/Writing score of 500

Course codes and credits:
Speech(H)*= SPH 1001 worth 3 credits
        Advanced Comp=ENG 1001 worth 3 credits
        Advanced Chem=CHM 1004 worth 4 credits