91912_10515_0.pngFeatures of the Ottawa Township High School Freshman Academy:

  • A focus on both academic and social development, with the goal of creating a culture of college and career-readiness  
  • Insulation, not isolation: freshmen take core academic classes for part of the day; PE, lunch, and elective courses will be taken with students of all grade levels  
  • Support: a coordinator and the Freshman counselor work exclusively with freshmen to meet their specific needs  
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Teachers and staff work together collaboratively to help all students achieve at high levels  
  • Extracurricular activities: all high school extracurricular activities are available to freshmen  
  • Mentoring program: the freshman mentoring program provides students with support and information on a broad range of topics

  • Freshman Bags Tournament Sept. 2016
  • 2016 fall bags.jpg2016 fall bags 2.jpg
  • Freshman Career Day 2015-16
  • 001 (military).jpg

  • Freshman Orientation 2015-16
  • mentors orientation.png
  • Exam prep 2014-15
  • family feud game.jpg
  • 2013 Bags tournament
2013 bags pic.jpg2013 bags pic2.jpg