2017 Ottawa High School

Fine Arts Festival--43rd Year

"A Celebration of Humanity's Creative Spirit"

Stephen Neal-Country Singer

To say Stephen Neal is a fresh new face in country music is an understatement. In the last 8 months Stephen went from hobbyist song writer and open mic enthusiast to independently producing his first EP and to opening shows on the big stage with artists such as, Chris Young, Joe Nichols, Jana Kramer,
Craig Wayne Boyd, Jason Michael and Paul Rodgers. It's his passion for lyrics that started him down this path but has quickly become addicted to creating music and shows that het a crowd moving and singing along. His fan base steadily grows with each new show because fans quickly latch on to Stephen's enthusiasm on stage. Although it's not typically his thing to be caught dancing on stage he says, "Hey, when the mood and the beat catches you, you become a fan yourself all over again and just have fun partying with everyone else out there."