Chracter Counts has been at OTHS for twelve years.

As sponsors of Character Counts Club (Mrs. Swords, Mrs. Hiland and Mrs. Rios) we are very excited to include students in spearheading change at OTHS!  Character Counts club will be taking on many topics this year some of which are:  Instilling CHARACTER COUNTS and the 6 pillars through out our school, Anti-Bullying awareness and the continuation of "Catching You With Character"!  We are all very excited and have great plans for the school year!

If you are student who would like to be a part of positive change at OTHS, please see one of us or attend our CCC meetings. Character Counts Club will try to meet twice a month on Thursdays during homeroom.  
Feel free to share your ideas and concerns with us anytime!  (National Character Counts Homepage)  (Teaching Tolerance Homepage)  (United States Government Website)

CHARACTER COUNTS!                       
Week ~ October 17 - 21, 2016

Monday - Yellow (RESPECT)
Show some manners!  
Tuesday - Purple (CITIZENSHIP)
Un-plug from social media today!
Wednesday - Green (RESPONSIBILITY)
Fix a mistake today!  Take responsibility and say you’re sorry, re-do an assignment, stop complaining and make a change!
Did you know we have a program called “Catching You With Character”?  Everyone watches what you do…you just might be nominated for going “Above and Beyond”!
Friday - Red (CARING)
“Random Acts of Kindness”  We are asking each of you to “pay it forward”, do something nice for someone!  Examples:  offer a compliment, hold the door, help a charity, and/or  tutor a student…


National Bullying Prevention Month!!

Next week we have the following presentations planned for homeroom in the Auditorium:

The program/video is called "All Equal" created by Hollister.

Monday, October 17th - Freshman Homerooms
Tuesday, October 18th - Sophomore Homerooms
Thursday, October 20th - Junior Homerooms
Friday, October 21st - Senior Homerooms