Traits featured each month.
Trustworthiness/Honesty - September
Respect- October
Citizenship - November
Responsibility - December
Integrity - January
Fairness - February
Diligence - March
Caring - April
Courage - May


Trust is the basis of all good relationships and a cornerstone of good character.  Trustworthy people keep their promises, are honest, reliable, principled, and never inappropriately betray a confidence.  Trusting and being trusted are the keys to a healthy school community.


Choosing to be honest or dishonest does something to our character.  Lying makes us liars.  Cheating makes us cheaters.  But being honest frees us to be real.  Not only do Honest people have stronger, better relationships with others, but their honesty makes them better people and it makes our world a better place.


Treating people with respect helps us get along with each other, avoid and resolve conflicts, and create a positive social climate.  Respectful behavior means treating others with civility and courtesy, accepting personal differences, listening to what others have to say, and refraining from ridiculing, embarrassing or hurting others.


Being a person of Integrity means you are solid, principled, true to your very best self.  It means you walk your talk by living up to your highest ethical values.  It means you always try to do what's right even in tough situations, and you don't let temptation compromise your values.


Responsibility is often regarded as a burden, but actually it can be a great source of personal power.  It is the key to taking charge of our lives.  Responsible people do what needs to be done, fulfill their obligations, are accountable for their actions, use good judgment, and don't let people down.


Citizenship, at its core, is social responsibility in action.  Consider what is means to be a good citizen...including doing your part for the common good, serving your community and helping make our democracy work!


It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what’s right when we stand-alone…or to do what’s right despite disapproval and negative peer pressure…or even to take risks that are for our own good.  It is being morally courageous and how that empowers our lives.


Fairness is the way we treat others and the way we want to be treated.  Treat people equally and impartially.  Play by the rules.  Don’t take advantage of others.  Consider the feelings of people who will be affected by your actions.


Caring is not just a way of feeling; it’s a way of behaving.  What makes us caring people is doing thoughtful things.  Caring people respond selflessly to the needs of others and treat others with kindness, concern and generosity.


Imagine what life would be like if we approached each important task with discipline and focus…if we always did our best, if we persevered even when things became difficult or discouraging…  What a powerful force diligence can bring into our lives.